Roarin' Romney and Oblong Obama!

The questions of the world have, mainly, been answered. What is the meaning of life? The answer is pizza particles. What is the cure for the common cold? The answer, of course, is pizza particle particles. But there is one question that still remains…

Where is Yankee Doodle going?

This question could be answered many ways. Perhaps Yankee Doodle is going to town. Maybe he is going to a Yankees game. Or perhaps he is about to buy a notebook to draw some doodles in it. Whatever the cause, scientists have devised a name for the theory: H.H.H.H. What does it mean? That’s what scientists are working on right now, even though they named it. So, while our scientists are busy at work trying to find an answer, the question of Yankee Doodle’s location remains uncertain.