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October 11, 2012

8,000 Ribs found in Giant Chicken after Car Accident

The giant chicken on Salt Hair Lane has been a landmark for a long time. Credited to some guy, the large sculpture sits on the side of the road. However, a man accidentally drove into the sculpture Wednesday afternoon. The man was in good shape, but the car is currently in hospital care. While a policeman was investigating the incident, he found a crease in the sculpture. Suddenly, he was drowned in ribs.

The ribs appeared to be from Uncle Rib’s RibStop. There were 8,000 full rib racks hidden in the chicken statue. Some of them were underground, buried under the statue. The police have not found a solution for the mystery, but have chalked it up to troublemaking teens. However, it could be a rib hating chicken–

YoU fOuNd My SeCrEt! NoW dIe!