Money, money, money, it's all ya need!

A preview of the upcoming book, Duperman Saves The Globe:

Duperman overlooked the city from a tall building. His sidekick, Lame Butt, stood in the corner. “Wow, Duper… nice view from here…” said Butt. Duperman filled with rage and yelled, “SHUT UP!” “Oh…okay.”

Duperman was looking for a crime to solve. How he was going to find a crime from the top of a tall building, he did not know. Suddenly, The Tall Buildine, his arch-nemesis appeared! “WAHRAHRAHRA! I HAVE STOLEN ALL THE CITIES IN THE WORLD!” “Not so fast, villain!” said Duperman. Lame Butt stepped out from the corner. “And his sidekick, Lame Butt!”

Duperman bit his lip until green ooze poured out. He ripped off the skin on his hands, and put it in the glove compartment of his DuperBelt. “LAME BUTT, YOU HAVE SPOKEN FOR THE LAST TIME!” Suddenly, his belt malfunctioned and he was electrocuted. Duperman, in reality Athro Sanchez, the infamous kidnapper, was dead. You could say he died, or if you had bad grammar, you could say he Dai’d.

The Tall Buildine walked up to his son. “Did that man hit you, son?” The caring father said. “Lame Butt”, really named Jimmy Reeve, walked up and hugged his father. “It’ll be okay from now on.”, said the “Tall Buildine”, rather Richard Reeve. “We’re free of that insane man’s games now.” They walked away from the rooftop set and back into the city.