"Anyway, I'm still going to eat you."

Welcome to “WCAD Book Theater.” Today, we will look at the book Family Time: Myths and Legends:

Where did he come from? We do not know. Maybe he was made by a doctor, or maybe a dictor. All we know about him are the encounters and stories. The first known account of “Family Time”, as the phenomena is called, happened during the summer of 1996. A child was playing outside his house, when he heard someone grumble “FAMILY TIME.” He rushed inside and told his mom he had heard a scary man’s voice. His mom did not believe him, but accompanied him outside to comfort him.

He was running around the yard, while his mom was reading a voice. Suddenly, the low grumbling voice was heard by both. Now, the boy’s mom was frightened as well. Late that night, there was tapping at the mother’s window. She awoke, and saw her husband. She thought it was strange, as he was away on a business trip, but was happy to see him. He said, “Come outside!” and mumbled something about…family time.

The next day, the boy’s mother was missing. During police interrogation, the boy said he saw a “scary green man” outside his mother’s window. He watched the whole ordeal, and saw the man squeeze his mother until she was a pile of goo. The man turned towards the boy, uttered “Family Time”, and escaped into the night. The boy is currently serving an 4898-year jail time.

We are hot on the trail of finding this mysterious alien-like creature. Who knows his motives? We hope to know, and we study the accounts every day. Hold on, my wife wants to see me.