Flurrie's cousin is a teacher

Unbeknownst to anyone, the killer was in the room.

Was it Drac? He’d been known to sink a fang or two into trouble, and he always looked suspicious, even though quite dapper.

Or what about Frankie? He may have been somebody’s monster, but he was nobody’s fool. No way he would have let himself be caught so easily.

The Invisible Man? No way. He know we’d see right through him if he tried to get away with anything as diabolical as this gruesome crime.

Igor? I’d rather ignore… not ambitious enough to have done this dastardly deed.

The Wolfman could have been the culprit. But his furry fingerprints simply weren’t on the weapon that had been used to commit the crime.

No, it was a total mystery as to who had filched a slice of Shaggy’s pizza pie delivery, although Scoob did have pizza sauce on his lips…

Ruh roh?

Just perhaps, we had found our man, er, dog.