Baron? Blainard's on the phone for you.

So it finally came to pass that the matter was settled between the parties.

The agreement was complex, but carefully crafted to meet the expectations of all that there would be on repercussions or follow on litigation. It had been difficult to reach such an understanding, but through the hard work of the counselors hired to work out a mutually satisfactory conclusion, a legally binding document was produced, signed and witnessed by those involved and the issue was put to rest.

Except, part of the agreement was that no notice or event the tiniest hint that some sort of legally binding writ could ever be mentioned, let alone set to print, either on paper or even electronically.

And so, simply by posting this message, the entire consensus has been torn asunder, is null and void, exists no longer.

The parties became livid, and intense argument swiftly ensued. The representatives of each faction hurled insult and invective, and before long, fisticuffs came into play.

The authorities were summoned, arrests were made, charges were filed, trials were held, guilt was ascertained, punishment specified and initiated, and sadly, some lives were forfeit as the ultimate price.

Goes to show you. Better not to get into a situation that requires resolution between rancorous parties in the first place.