You gonna eat that?

There’s a story I’ma tell you, about Blainard on the phone. That crazy, nutty-man Blainard, he was all alone. Talkin’ on his phoooooooooo-ohhhhh-ohhhne.

Blainard, Blainard, Blainard, he was standin’ in the street. Talkin’ on his iPhone 5, he thought it was so neat. Talkin on the phooo-ohh-one, talkin’ on his phooo-ohh-one, Blainard on the phone.

Now youuuu-may-think that the man was crazy, but reee-eeal-llly his judgement just was haaaazy.. Talkin’ on the pho-ohhh-ohnnnne, truck comin’ at you.

Nowwwwwww, ol’ Blainard’s dead. Truck rammed him while he was on the phonnnnnnne. Blainard on the phone. Blainnnnn-ard on the phonnnnnnnnnnnne.