Fish food for thought

Well, it’s looking like tryin’ corner the market on Pogs was probably a mistake. Maybe I shouldn’t have put my life savings into the effort.

First off, most folks ask me, ‘what the heck is a Pog?’ And I must, per force, explain that they are colorful, ahem, *collectible* cardboard discs featuring popular culture icons like, er, Scoob and the gang, uh, Smurfs, er, third-tier Pokemon, and, um, the Fonz.

I figured if I could amass the world’s largest collection of these old-fashioned milk bottle lid-sized circles of coolness, I would be able to make a fortune controlling the ‘pipeline’ through which the nostalgic hordes would seek to rekindle their adolescent glory.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is actually no demand for Pogs whatsoever.

But I remain hopeful that that surge of demand is just around the bend.

Yup. I have hope.

It’s good to have hope.