We at WCAD Book Theatre are delighted to present a review of our very own book, Weak Comic A Day: The Best Of:

Mark Archid

Nov. 7, 2012

Review: Weak Comic a Day: The Best Of

Okay, so apparently this is a compilation book of some webcomic called “Weird Comic A Day” or something like that. The comics are very weird, yes, but I think there is a better way to describe them: WEAK! If only the creators had acknowledged the severe weakness of this book, I would have appreciated it more. Anyway, on the content level: there are only 11 comics in the book. If I had known about this beforehand, I would not have bought the book. However, I was fooled into thinking it was numerous comics: every panel gets an individual page! Not only is it a colossal waste of ink, but the images are stretched out, blurry, and just plain unreadable! The book claims to feature “1/3rd of the entire Weak Comic A Day Library!” Interestingly, this is true. There are apparently only 34 comics in the series. And I hope there are no more!

Also, the book is written completely on toilet paper.

1 Star Out of Five