*heavy breathing*

Cranshaw stood. He stood at the side of the road. Who knew how long he stood there. For all the boys knew, he was standing there all his life. It got on their nerves. Pestered them. Until they finally came up with a solution…

They were going to knock over Cranshaw.

Their first attempt was with an oversized fan bought at a department store. While Cranshaw wallowed in the breeze, he did not budge from his eternal post. The second plan the boys had was to knock him over with a bowling ball. However, the ball just bounced off Cranshaw’s shoes and rolled away, never to be seen again.

The kids were fed up with Cranshaw. Finally, they came up with a somewhat rash plan. They were all going to push Cranshaw down. Everyone, in desperation, agreed on the plan. Finally, the day came. The boys approached Cranshaw.

Cranshaw and the boys stood. They stood at the side of the road. Who knew how long they stood there. For all the girls knew, they were standing there for their whole lives.