Wait...were dollars even around when the genie was sealed in there?

Everyone in the class was silent. The children sat row upon row, viewing the spectacle before them. Their teacher was…..a turkey.

Yes, it was a sad story, but in short, the man was a turkey. An avian delight to teach a class of rambunctious eight-graders. How would it work out?, he thought to himself. The children stared with their cold eyes, and finally, Mr. Avee decided to talk.

“Hello, children,” Mr. Avee began, “I am your algebra teacher this year. My name is Mr. Avee.”

The children sat. And stared.

“Well, uh….since today is the first day of school, I’ll go easy on you guys. Just grab a textbook and do the assignment on the board.”

Mr. Avee panicked to himself. What would they do? Would they listen to the talking turkey? Mr. Avee observed the class. He breathed a sigh of relief when the children went up to his desk to grab their textbooks, but then uttered a gasp.


Dang, that was onne goooooooood turkey.