That's some SHARP comedy!

Tick Tick Tock.

The Bat ran out the clock.

The Joker shared a pun,

The Gothamites did not have fun.

His diabolical plan involved poison Flantasy Flan,

Courage tried to help the Bat, but in this case, Dog bit Man.

The Riddler shared a clue,

What happens when Courage turns Blue?

But Robin just could not believe,

Neither could Eustace, Joe or Steve.

King Tut said “This just can not be right!”

As Scoob gave the Joker a bite.

Shag said, “I’d never have guessed!”

And Batty said, “I’ll take care of the rest.”

So the city was saved from the plot,

That the league of the evil had wrought.

With the help of the heroic Bat,

Three dogs and not even one cat.