Oh boy...

Greatest Hits of the Marioverse

General Guy

♫ ♪ General Guy was a heckuva guy,

He got upset when Mario stopped by,

“You have no couth and your mustache is rude,

You seem to think you’re some kind of Hero Guy.

So I’m gonna put you in your place!”

But Mario just smacked Guy in the face,

And the battered General fled in disgrace. ♫ ♪♫


That Ol’ Bowser Magic

♫ ♪ That ol’ Bowser magic, yeah he’s got the touch!

That’s why Mario and Peach just love him so much.

He’s the tip of the top, the veriest best, yeah,

He’s the Koopa that we agree ranks as high as Birdo’s nest.

His plans are so fly, and his Clown Car is dope,

You just can’t get enough of that lovable mope.

He’ll never give up, and he’ll never give in!

That’s why, King Koopa’s got the Zing! Beep boop a do bop bop! ♫ ♪♫