The forgotten son of Seinfeld

Ah, this is nice. Just sitting in my cozy apartment with my buds. The place is a little packed, but it’s fine. I’ve been noticing that it’s been “moving around” or something recently. I don’t care, I never leave the place anyway.

Wow, now I’m really moving. Like one of those pirate ship rides you always see in the amusement parks. Ouch! The whole place got slammed on something rough. Does this place fly around or what?

Hey, what’s that rippin’ noise? The door….it’s open! I’ve never seen the light of day. As I try to walk towards the door, I realize I have no feet. Wait…the apartment is TILTING! I’m sliding out when…a giant turkey-like thing grabs me! I’m raised and raised and into a dark hole!

Ouch….it’s not cozy in here at all. Suddenly, a barrier of white blocks comes crashing down upon me. Oww. That bite mark don’t look pretty. They come down again. I’m starting to lose my shape. I’m becoming a ball, a mockery of my former self. Pink goo flows out of me and to the bottom of the hole. Suddenly, I hear someone say “Young man, is that chewing gum you’re chewing there?”

Uh-oh, that turkey thing from before is raising up to the hole. It’s got me! Where is it putting me? Some kind of flat surface, it seems.

Man, this is boring.