Even I thought that South Park game had way too many Turkeys in it.

The itsy bitsy spider,

Little dude was really tiny.

Tough though…

Climbed up that water spout like it was some sorta’ danged tiny hillock, and not some really high metal pipe goin, what?, twenty, twenty five feet in the air?

And wouldn’t you know it. Dude was bold, and climbed that thing, and then, suddenly, whoa! Down came the rain. And I don’t mean like a sprinkling or a bit of drizzle, no, I mean rain – heavy rain. And that rain washed that spider dude Oh You Tee, OUT!

And I thought that was it. Spider went up, rain came down, dude washed away. Game over, man.

But no. Not this spider. No way!

Tell you what. Lord’s honest truth, out came the Sun. Yeah, and dried up all the rain.

And that gutsy, determined, admirable, bigger-than-ten-spiders-ten-times-his-size itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again.