Next time, take the train.

Its all about the coils!

Oh yeah, what a twist. What has Nantendo come up with now? It’s brilliant. Unexpected and disturbingly obvious at the same time.

I mean, come on, when ol’ Mario, ‘Wege and the, uh, Mushroom-hat guys go gallivanting over the and across the Mushroom Kingdom, they’re always picking up coils. Right?

Just gosh. I mean, coils, right? What could be more vidya-riffic than coils! I mean, like, Q*bert, right? Wasn’t that one baddie named Coily? He looked like coil at least.

And then theres… Uh. Well…

All about the coils! Yeah.

Um, what’s that?

It’s ‘all about the coins?’

Oh, well. Uh. That makes sense.

They always do collect a lot of coins, huh?





Makes sense.


I do feel a bit foolish.

I mean, coils, right?

What was I thinking.

Sorry about that.

Though I’m pretty sure about Q*bert there. Coily.

Yeah. Pretty sure.