The children love Graham's stories

Day 2

Smith walked amid the bushes. Suddenly, his foot caught on a small rock. “What’s this?,” he questioned.

Upon closer inspection, it was a pebble of a minute size. Grabbing it from Smith for my own analysis, I realized that the object was, in fact, a microscopic stone. This could be the discovery of a lifetime! I set the grey wonder next to an ugly, round rock, and went to obtain my research equipment. Coming back, it was sunset. I went to grab the silver marvel, but to my horror, it was gone. I heard a noise from the treetops…..

My God. It was Smith, dressed down to his underwear, babbling incoherently and holding the magical stone. I had to have it, but my tree-climbing skills proved to be abysmal. I decided that if I can not have the rock, nobody can. So, I did the only rational thing. I threw a hammer into the tree.

The hammer flew towards the rock and smashed it to bits. Smith screamed, jumped out of the tree, and fell¬†unconscious. He has not yet waken up. That rock could not had carried any value, anyway. Just a rock. A rooooooooooooooooock. Look, the rock is floating, it’s forming back into a rock, hahaha. Floating towards meee. My rock. I left Smith where he lay and carried on toward the lost temple.

Off to a good start, I suppose.