Like father, like son

It was Bob’s first Christmas with the family, and his mommy was going to take him to see Santa Claus! Bob was so excited, he could barely sleep. Finally, the big day came.

Bob walked up to the fat man’s throne. As he saw the plump red man, his smile of excitement turned into a disappointed frown. His neatly-combed brown hair fell on his face. “What do YOU want?,” said Bob.

“Ho ho ho, that’s what I was going to ask you!,” responded Santa.

Bob scratched his chin, observing Claus from the sidelines. He noticed that his hair and beard were black. Impatient children waiting with their parents in line bawled and bawled anxiously. Finally, Santa spoke up. “Come up and sit on my lap!”

Bob slowly walked up and turned towards Santa. The fat man pointed towards his knee and ruffled the boy’s brown hair. Bob was sickened, and spoke up about the ill-mannered employees of the mall. He went on to say that he was tired with the consumerism overarching the holiday season, Santa was a myth, and that he wanted a big shiny bike. The cameraman said “Say cheese for Santa!”

Bob smiled.

The next child was up, and he was surprised to see that “Santa” had brown hair…