My friends call me 'Cookie'

The library is the place to be

If you want to read a book about the Seven Seas.

They’ve got Video Games and free-to-use PCs

They even have a section full of magazines.

I have also heard that they once had stacks

Of books about sewing your own pair of slacks.

Though I think that last bit is probably wrong,

but it helps out the meter of this silly song.


Yes the library is the place to be,

And you don’t have to take that just from me.

We’ve brought in a rapping’ librarian

To make the case in case you might be waverin’…


Yeah, I’m the rappin’ ‘brarian,

Speaking up from the heart,

Cuz yo’ got to get to readin’

To get a head start.

To be readin’ then be rappin’

Is the path to better days,

Train your eye upon the words

And lissen’ to what they say.

Word up, word out, word

Trippin’ upon yah tongue.

Word in, word out, you be

Breakin’ out Son.

To be takin’ in the knowledge,

And applyin’ to succeed.

You will be a better person,

In thought, word and deed.