Well, life on the outside ain't what it used to be....

Christmas rolled around, and you could hear the sound

of children writing down their letters to Santa.

The air was filled with joy, and every girl and boy

rushed to list the toys they wanted from Santa.

The letters were all done, the children did have fun

and the letters were run straight to Santa.

When the letters came back, the children all went “ack”

they didn’t expect this wack from the one and only Santa.

His response was strange, and it set the stage

for an unsettling grammatical change in the letters from Santa:


“MErry Christmas IT IS I dfa santa cause and I am giving the [rsesents to chiclded. I will be tioeravelng arr and dlow to get the preisnt to chirldens. I will use my raindear to find the schinnnderled and give them presentc. Thnak  tou for listingi.”