Pleasant dreams...


The waiter stared at the grumpy-looking man. “I want HEMGAD! NOW!”

The man scanned the menu slowly multiple times, cringing with disgust each time he started over. The confused waiter stood and watched. She finally decided to approach the old man.

“Have you an order in mind, sir?”

“I want Hemgad! Now! Ain’t no gosh-darned restaurant I’ve ever been to ain’t got Hemgad on the menu!”

The cheery waiter smiled and said that she would be gone for just a moment. She went to a computer in the employees’ lounge to do a quick check on all of the neighboring food services’ menus, and found absolutely no Hemgad. She walked back to the man. “Have you made up your mind, sir?”

“HEMGAD!  Bring…me….Hemgad!”

“Uh….I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t have Hemgad on the menu.”

“That’s what I was asking you earlier!”

The old restaurant reviewer/newspaper columnist got up and left the establishment. Rest assured, it got a bad review. And it definitely had no Hemgad.