Uh, I think I'm only gonna need one.

There sure are a lot of crates in here!

No there are not. There is not even a single crate in here.

What about all these wooden boxes? Wouldn’t you call them crates?

Boxes? These wooden boxes? Well… I suppose, if you weren’t interested in accuracy, you just might choose to describe them with the sobriquet of ‘crate.’ But that is something I certainly would not do.

I see.

Certainly not. To me, these large wooden boxes, sitting in the warehouse behind us would not typically be called crates. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even ever had the thought that such large wooden shipping boxes would be called crates. No. Not even in my wildest dreams.

Ah, well then, I suppose I was mistaken when I exclaimed that there certainly seemed to be a lot of crates here, in this shipping warehouse, although it is indisputable that it is filled with large wooden boxes intended for the shipment of goods. Please accept my apologies for making such an outlandish statement. It certainly won’t happen again. Most certainly not, I can assure you.

Well, I appreciate your willingness to proffer such fulsome words of amendment making. I certainly hold not even the most infinitesimal element of hostility or anger towards you for your previous utterance.

That is mightily magnanimous of you sir. Most magnanimous indeed.

Well, then perhaps you’d like to continue the tour?

Yes, please, let’s continue.

All right, our next stop is where we fill these many shipping boxes made of wood. We call it the crating room.

Whomp! I certainly didn’t see that coming!