He should have joined PIOSA!

Frankenstein was out of, well, he was out of TP.

Hey, even Frankenstein needs to keep things tidy.

So, he jumped into his horse cart and headed down to the local Kmart.

Paper. Paper! he explained to the terrified clerk once at the store.

Pa, pa, pa, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!

Darmit! said Frank. I just need TP after all!

Slowly the thick-booted monstrosity walked down the aisles seeking his prey.

No! This are paper towels! So close, and yet. No.

A bit later, he examined another paper product. No! These are tissues! So very close, but no.

Finally, Frankenstein found the appropriate product.

He headed to the checkout.

Pay now! He spoke with conviction, slamming down several bills and coins on the counter.

Yeh, yes sir! Would you like a bag for your purchase?

No. Not necessary.

Frank shuffled out of the store, and the staff let out a sigh of relief.

As he headed home, Frankenstein let out a sigh of relief.

Feels good to have what need.

Man or monster, we can all agree on that.