Who's the angry one here?

“Well, how does the tree look?”

They didn’t want to say anything, but it did not look good. Sure, the tree was nice, but the ornaments somewhat detracted from the experience. Dave’s family wanted to save money, so they bought the cheapest ornaments they could find.

The ornaments were all found at a thrift store down in Ribbington. And they were all…..rib themed. From a hand-painted white ornament with a rib decal, to a jukebox that played songs such as “Ribbin’ Around The Ribmas Tree”, to the hidden Rib-Pickle deep in the tree, each ornament was uniquely ribby.

The family stared at the tree. Suddenly, a stench seemed to emanate from the tree. Brown grease dripped from the pines. They were looking at a bona-fide Ribmas tree.

Merry Ribmas,

Ribma Claub