Baron Von Vashi has asked us to ask you if he is 'chopped liver.' We have no idea what that means.

Oh boy! I got this!

Yeah, I can do it solo! I’m tellin’ ya! I’m yer’ man.

I can get the job done.

No need to consider an alternative, ’cause I got this!

All right. O.K.

I’m ready! It’s go time!

I’m loose as a goose and I’m ready to pay!

I’m comin’ up roses.

This is it!

No doubt about it!

I’m the man!

This is my moment!

I’m large and in charge!

All systems are go!

Stand back, and let me take the lead.

Here I go!

Operation: Accomplished starts now!

Watch and learn!

This is how a master does it!

It’s a lead-pipe cinch!

Consider it done!

Game over, dude!

Piece of cake!

Nothin’ to it!

It all me!

Nothing but net!


Right, then, here goes!

Uh, erm, what was the question again?