Love that new comic smell! Far better than 'previously owned' smell, right?

We’re the artists of Weak Comic a Day,

And we’re here today ’cause we want to say,

That we put the Weak in Weak Comic a Day,

We’ve got nothing good to say,

And we say it every day!


We couldn’t draw the Mona Lisa,

Or even a realistic rendering of a pepperoni pizza,

Even if our lives required us to do so.

But you really ought to know,

That is why you love us so!

The artists of Weak Comic a Day.


We couldn’t draw our way,

Out of a paper bag,

In fact we couldn’t

Even draw the bag!


And if you asked us to

Draw a caricature of you,

It would probably end up looking

like a steaming sack of poo.


But regardless of our limitations,

We’ll never take any vacations,

Because drawing awful comics

every day is what we do!


Yes, if you ask us ‘what you say?’

We’d say ‘drawing comics is our way!’

We’re the artists

Of Weak Comic a Day!