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Hey. Hi. Yeah. Hi.

Howz it goin’? I was just askin’ is all.

Yeah. Hi. Ho, boy. Yeah. Just askin’! A guy can say hi, right?

Yeah. Hi. Just sayin’ hello.

Just a friendly ‘hey how da ya do?’ Nuffin’ more.

So, yeah. Just sayin’ hi, ’cause I’m friendly and all.

Just a friendly guy.

Naw, sure. I know. Yer thinkin’ ‘hey, this guy is too friendly. Oddly friendly. I’ve seen this movie before.’

‘He’s gonna’ punch me in the gut, or steal my wallet or some other nefarious act of belligerence and ill-will.’

‘No one is that friendly.’

But, no, hey. Hi. No. I’m not like that at all, I’m just a friendly guy with a very high level of ‘hello’ and a sunny disposition.

I’m like,hey, hi, that looks like a friendly fellow I’d like to greet, so I’ll jaywalk across six lanes of traffic and make a beeline right to him so I can offer a cheery ‘hello.’ Not nuthin’ wrong with that, right? Just a hey, hi, friendly hello is all. Just sayin’ howdy do! That’s it, nuthin’ more. Just a little how ya doin’ nice day ain’t it bit of chit chat.

So anyway, hey, hi, hello. Just saying hi. And now…

Toodles! Bye! See ya! Catch ya later. OK bye, buh bye and sayonara!