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It had come to the attention of the board that Mr. Glenmorningnen had not attended one of the monthly mandatory steering committee meetings in some time.

After several hours of deliberation, it was determined that an special exploratory panel should be convened to determine the best course of action to take to determine if a). Mr. Glenmorningnen’s absence had violated the laws, bylaws or guiding principals of the board, and b). what action, if any, was appropriate to put into motion to, a). determine the cause of Mr. Glenmorningnen’s absence and b). whether or not the cause of the absence in any way mitigated Mr. Glenmorningnen’s absence from the manatory steering committee meetings.

However, soon thereafter, Mr. Wadlington-Distaff-Smythensorenson raised a point of order, and, the Chairperson having yielded the chair, explained that, perhaps, the valuable time of the committee might be better served consuming the continental breakfast that sat across the room from the board, the contents of which had, from both extremes of hot coffee and cold butter, slowly been reaching towards each-other, to reach a less-than-satisfying middle ground at or about room temperature while the board had been deliberating the extended absence of Mr. Glenmorningnen.

The chairman was about to speak in response, when, much to everyone’s surprise, none other than Mr. Glenmorningnen appeared at the doorway, dramatically silhouetted by the bright lights of the exterior hallway. He swiftly walked to his empty seat at the board table, and with a distinctive thwump!, sat down.

Amidst the furor of the unexpected resolution of the “Glenmorningnen” issue, the board overlooked protocol and descended upon the comestible-laden table of lukewarm breakfast items.

Afterwards, a hotel staff member was heard to remark that wild animals left a neater aftermath of meal taking than the supposedly sophisticated member of the town’s most exclusive board. But, knowing that both class distinctions and social mores precluded any repercussions, they silently set to the work of ameliorating the situation, savoring the small sliver of their clearly demonstrated empirical superiority in both manners and utility versus the recently departed elites as some small solace in relation to their lot in the social order.