So, just what does 'yowgi bowda' mean anyway?

It all began when the old well went dry.

It turned out that folks needed water.

Who knew?

By the time everyone figured it out, everyone was ded.

But that wuz OK, b’cause as ghosts, we din’t need water no more anyway.

But I gotta tell ya, things got pretty boring around town pretty quick.

Cripes, it wuz a ghost town in more ways than one.

Yeah, it ain’t much fun bein’ a ghost when there’s no one around to haunt.

But I guess it could be worse.

Take m’ cousin Caspar, fer example.

He’s whatcha might call a ‘friendly ghost.’

I mean, he always says hello, and he’s really glad to meetcha.

I’d say wherever he may go, he’s kind to every living creature, which is really not typical for a ghost.

Most likely, grownups don’t understand that children love him the most. Heck, even I don’t understand it. I mean, kids are usually the most afraid of ghosts, even friendly ones. But, whatever.

Thing is, when people see ‘im, they run in fright, usually in a comical way, such as their body running away, but their skeleton being left behind.

Honestly, if that happens to you, regardless of how scared you are, see a doctor right away.

Anyway, as I was sayin’, that darned well.

Oh well, ha ha. Did ya hear the one about the three holes in the ground?

Well, well, well….!

That joke kills me!

Er, or at least it would if I wernt already dead.

Anyway, nice talkin’ to ya.