I speak for the trees, but right now I can't see

Fear all ye who enter here.

This be the cursed level of the mine cart!

Just what is it about mine cart levels that makes even the most experienced and seasoned programmers quake in their boots?


Could it be the ghost of Diddy Kong? You know his mine cart level with the big guy was tough to beat.


Wouldn’t it have been cool to see the Mine Cart level in Mother 3 for the N64. Wouldn’t it have been cool to see Mother 0/Earth Bound and Mother 3/EarthBound 2 anywhere in the U.S., whether on Cart, Disc or Virtual Console?

And what about Minecraft? Is a cart level in that game a Minecraft Mine Cart Cart level? Probably not.


And how about Sonic 4, and all that nonsense about the mine cart level in that?


I just don’t know. It’s really a mystery.



But there’s no mystery about great pizza!


Oh wait, wrong meme. Sorry about that.