Ignore the fact that you're on minimum wage to humor your boss' sick benefit obession, and have a happy/safe holiday!

Welcome to WCad Book Theater. Today, we look at the book The True Story Of America:

Chapter 6.2: State Bird

In the 1700s, there was no official state bird. However, many Colonists had decided on an unofficial one. The bird was found in most of the towns in the 13 Colonies, and always blankly stared at passerby. It was, indeed, the Creepy Sullen Grouch Bird. This somewhat-majestic bird, while creepy and sullen, was considered an American treasure.

However, immigrants began arriving in the US of A  America, and wanting to make a good impression, the Colonists thought about what to do with the Creepy Sullen Grouch Bird. The Creepy Sullen Grouch Bird, while a national treasure, WAS a Creepy Sullen Grouch Bird, and would probably not make the immigrants happy. A Colonist, spotting an eagle, said “Hey. Why not eagles?”

Well, now you know another True Story Of America. The Creepy Sullen Grouch Birds were hunted to near extinction, and eagles were bred in large numbers. However, if you ever feel that you are being watched, it might be one of the few remaining Creepy Sullen Grouch Bird (or possibly Oscar the Grouch, a close, wingless relative). Good night!