Peace on Earth is a pretty darned good idea, but implementation has proven problematic.

Bill Blather here, and tellin’ you like it is. The whole truth, but not the hole truth. Heh, heh.

Yep, that’s right, none of those weak well, well, well jokes from me! I’m Bill Blather, and I tell it like it is.

And, er, it’s like this. There’s a hard truth you probably don’t want to hear, but it’s my job to say it. That’s right, because I’m Bill Blather, and I tell it like it is. No, sir, no sugar coating from me, just the truth, straight up, cause I know you got what it takes to take it.

Yessir, that’s the way it is, the truth be told, right here, right now, and not some bilious fog of obfuscation. No way, no how, not from Bill Blather. Reason being I’m Bill Blather, and I’m in the business of layin’ it out straight. No twists or turns, no beatin’ around the bush. Nope! Just a tellin’ of it like it is, without the platitudes or pieties, cause I don’t roll any other way.

So, here it is, hard tack, no jabberin,’ no hemmin’ and no hawin’. Right, just like this, just like it is. Here goes.

All right.

We’re out of milk.