What did you think of it

Man! There’s nothing good on to watch.

Whuddu I pay cable for anyway? There’s nothing on but reruns and retreads.

I don’t want to see some old movie that no one wanted to watch even when it came out.

And I just don’t have the stomach to watch championship room painting.

It’s even worse for the kids. Cartoons from forty years ago that weren’t funny even when they were new, and pre-school fodder so dumbed down that even infants are complaining of a lack of worthwhile  content.

Nope, nothing on the ‘real life channels’ either.

‘Executive toothpick collectors?’ nope.

‘What’s in your Pocket?’ No way.

‘Dental Floss Adventures?’ No.

I guess I may just have to turn the durned thing off and get off the couch.

Hey, maybe that’s a good idea for a TV show.

‘Couch Potatoes Unleashed.’

Well. Maybe not.