About that Mario fellow...

Buizol walked down the street. Nobody knew…

Nobody knew his name was Buizol. And he was glad about that. If just one person knew his name was Buizol, something bad may happen, Buizol thought to himself, I’ve got to remain anonymous.

He hid his face in his overcoat, ignoring the crowd. “Hey!”

Buizol turned around.

A lanky man stood across the road from Buizol. He had brown hair, glasses, and a green T-shirt. “Your name Buizol?”

Buizol broke out in a sweat. He was on the spot. Trembling, he said “Uh…..no.”

The nerdy man suddenly grinned. “Oh, okay! Sorry to bother you!”

As the man left, Buizol sighed in relief, having maneuvered around yet another close encounter.