I know I'm ugly, but it's a goood ugly

So, it’s like the end of the year, true. But, it’s not like there aren’t an endless supply of years, right? So, I’m not gone’ get too worked up or seminental here. I’m just gone’ count down the howers, then the mints, until we sashay from one year to the next.

I might just have anuther sip of bubbly bubbly, or maybe some more of those cool, cold bottles of Milkis I stow away for just the sort of global shindig we’ve got coming up tonight.

Yup, so just lemme say, have a happy, healthy and safey new year and don’t stay up too too late.

Whoo hoo. Yeah. Auld lang syne and stuff.

OK. Until next next year.

Signin’ out. I’m gone’ watch the pickchure box now so I’m gone’ say good night.