That really Bugs me

So, I was just about to… do something.

But, funny, right now, I can’t remember what it was.

Was I…

Going to get a drink?

Or do the dishes in the sink?

Or maybe dance an Irish jig,

Perhaps acquire a pot-belly pig.

No, I might have meant to save the world!

Cannons firing, flags unfurled,

Led the troops to victory!

Or, perhaps, I had to pee….


Gosh, I really just don’t know,

I suppose I ought to, though.

Just before, I did recall,

Now I’ve no idea at all.

Not a clue to what comes next.

If you know, send me a text!

Cause I haven’t got a clue,

’bout what I was gonna do.

Yeah I wish it wasn’t true.

But, alas, I suppose it is.