Psi Rockin' and/or Flash

So yeah, I was helpin’ out a friend. Seems he lost some sort of note or key or somethin’ in this weird old house on the outskirts of town, and anyway a few of us went with him to look for it like.

So, when we get there, the door is suddenly locked. At least we couldn’t get it open, so we, like, decide to split up and find a way out. Which, maybe, wasn’t such a good idea in retrospect.

Anyway, just a minute or two after that, this huge, blue Oni starts chasin everyone.

Yeah, I guess in Japanese, you’d call him an Ao Oni, but, for sure, this guy was big, blue and ugly.

Also, he was fast. So yeah, a real ‘blue devil.’

Anyway, this Oni fellow is chasin’ and killin’ anyone he catches. He almost got me a couple of times, but I was just a step or two faster.

I came up with this technique where I’d run into a room and hide in an empty cabinet. Then, I’d hear him enter the room, and, a bit later, leave.

Yeah, like that. Wait to hear him enter, then wait to hear him leave.

It gave me an eerie feeling of deja vu for a minute.

But anyway, so, this big blue Oni. I wondered. Maybe he’s related to the Blue Meanie. I mean, they’re both blue, and ugly. I dunno, you know?

Anyway, if you want my advice, if you see a huge, blue, ugly brute headin’ in your direction. Go the other way, fast.