Not even curious, George

When, in the course of human existence, people get hungry, they desire food.

Food, the all-purpose fix all for a hungry tummy, is a great thing to have around to avoid starvation and the munchies.

Some popular foods include snacks, healthy items, and vending machine fare.

Many people consider food a very important part of their daily routine, especially because it breaks up the periods in-between meals.

Some famous foods are Cheesy Poofs, Twinkies (recently out of production), and the Cheeseburger, an unusual combination of grilled beef, cheese and a bun.

Many people feel that putting a pickle on a Cheeseburger is a crime that should be punishable by death. However, a few brave and probably demented people like pickles on their Cheeseburgers.

Some people in Asia like to put an egg on their Cheeseburger, but that is illegal in the United States.

Surprisingly, putting a pickle on your Cheeseburger is not illegal, although many feel it should be (see above).

Despite being an ancient item, and some say, old fashioned, the popularity of food remains at an all time high.

It sure is great to be in a world that food is a big part of!