Who's the better role model here, eh?

Everyone likes a good webcomic, and everyone has a good webcomic. So, without further ado, are some webcomic safety tips:

-When making a comic, do not approach it too closely (it could result in bone injuries. Funny bone injuries. (They’re not very funny))

-Always parody something. People like recognizable characters, and will be scared of new ones. They might accuse you of sorcery if you create original characters. So, stick to recolors.

-Make the comic purposefully bad so that viewers will be entertained and proud of the following alt text/description.

-Make sure, that about halfway through the comic’s lifespan, you focus on one and only one dark aspect of the comic, gathering potential occult readers. Make sure you change the character designs to reflect this change.

Now that you have heeded these tips, your webcomic will be better than ever!


…..Eh heh heh. These bogus tips will knock all the other webcomics out of competition…