Hey, even a generic cartoon villain needs a job!

So, how about the sorry state of cartoon channels these days?

I mean, live-action shows on Cartoon Network! Cartoon…..Network! I don’t see how the show where they repeat clips from basketball games and add a flame effect whenever a basket is made qualifies as a. a cartoon, or b. entertainment. (And yes, that is a real show.)

Nickelodeon always had cartoons about kids growing up in the city…and then Spongebob, but still those shows existed… but now, it’s just Spongebob. What’s up? Did the sponge kill them? Or were shows about cities deemed inappropriate after everything? I won’t miss Doug, but my heart goes out to Arnold.

In conclusion, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? More like…….Who Made Bad Cartoons A Habit???

Thank you and goodnight.