To scream, or not to scream

I’m a funnyman, funnyman, make ya laugh, make ya cry. Funnyman job, funny job bein’ a funny funnyman. It’s hard to be funny, but it’s funny too. I realize that this isn’t really that funny. But I am classified by law as a funnyman. So I’m here to entertain.

Well…..what’s funny? What do ya find funny? Do you like weak comics? If so, direct your attention to the above. Uh…..what’s that? You want the funnyman to say a funny, man? Well, uh….

Why did the funnyman cross the road?

To get to the Funny Side!

What’s that? A groaner? Well, I AM a funnyman, and as a funnyman, I find it funny that you think my joke is funny in a strange way. Well, this is not very funny, especially for a funnyman.

Hyuk! Hyuk!