They’re insects, for goodness’ sake! Waaaaaay cool!

Or, way creepy.

What is it with bugs.

Some folks hate ’em.

Actually, most folks hate ’em.

They are kind of a lot different than humans.

For one thing, they generally have more legs. Like, six.

Unless of course they’ve lost a few.

I’ve seen that sometimes.

Maybe in a bug bar fight. I don’t know.

But like, they are ancient. Or so I hear.

I would think most of ’em aren’t more than a few months old. Maybe a year.

Some of them bite, and some of them sting.

But that’s true of boyfriends and girlfriends too, isn’t it?

They probably don’t like ice cream.

I like ice cream though.

Do you have any ice cream.

Um, sorry, enough about ice cream, I guess.

I’m supposed to be talking about bugs.

They’re insects, and they’re here to stay.

Maybe you could make friends with a bug.

Maybe you could take a bug out for ice cream.

I’m just sayin’.


Hope you learned a little something about these insectoid neighbors.