The episode started with the gang sitting in the “Crazy Car”. Why not the Mystery Machine? I soon found out. They were heading toward a funeral for the Mystery Machine. Apparently, a mysterious duck with big muscles trashed it. Scooby-Doo was crying. Fred told “Scoopy-Doo” to cheer up. Throughout the episode, everyone called him Scoopy-Doo. When they arrived, there was a comically large grave for the M.M. A man, who was not animated in the Scooby-Doo style, more like a slightly detailed stickman, read the eulogy. The gang then went to eat at a restraunt.

The restraunt was strange. On the outside, it looked like an actual photo of a restraunt that was in my area. Inside, there was an overly bright color scheme, like a monkey painted the cels. Lots of pinks and blues. I also noticed that the animation as the crew ate their meals was very bad. After a while, I noticed they had taken the slovenly eating animations from early episodes of “The Simpsons” and drew the gang’s heads on. Scooby–oops, Scoopy-Doo, was about to bite into a hotdog when a duck crashed into the building.

The duck was…………….I can’t describe the duck. Well, I can, so I will. Once again, the head seemed to be taken from a picture of a real-life duck. The body was muscular and terrifying, because somehow muscles are scary. Hey, they are! The wings seemed to be real feathers glued to the cel, as were the legs. It advanced towards the gang, moving more choppily then a helicopter. When it finally got there, it opened its mouth to speak.

As the duck spoke, he said that he was going to go to the moon and wanted to invite Scoopy and the gang. At first, they didn’t believe him. He had a suprisingly easy to listen to voice. The gang seemed to be hypnotized by his voice and followed him out of the restraunt. What really scared me in this scene was the fact that they forgot to pay the bill. No pun intended. He walked them towards a building that said, “The Moon Bar.” He took them to the back room.

There, he pulled out a knife and began slashing. Scoopy-Doo realized what was happening and pounced at the duck. He grabbed the duck by the neck and ripped off his………mask? It turned out, behind the mask was Buzz Aldrin, the early astronaut! He was obviously voicing himself. He was animated like he was on the Simpsons. Everyone had a good laugh, but then Scoopy slashed Buzz’s neck with his claw. The laughing continued as Buzz moaned in pain. It sounded like he was really hurt. Scoopy then said “Scoopy-Doopy-Doop!” And the screen went to static.

What followed next were a series of terrible images. Horrible, vile images……… I thought I would never live through them. They got worse and worse. At first, there was a picture of Super Tofu Boy. What a terrible game! I squinted and flinched and was not prepared for the next image…..a still from the television show Allen Gregory. I almost vomited at this repulsive scene. The final picture was so terrifying, that it’s hard to describe… was a bunch of old men brushing doll hair. I almost had a heart attack, especially because one of them looked like my good friend Santa Claus. Then, the duck appeared. He was close to the camera and glowing creepily. He said, “I’ll be here soon……..TO BORROW SOME MILK! WAHAHA!”