That's the worst Mr. Spacely drawing ever

And then, suddenly, it happened.

The world ran out of original ideas.

That’s right. The very last original idea had been mined from the mind of some sorry sot, and there were no more to be had.

From that point on, all ideas were, at best, permutations or ruminations on ideas someone else had already had.

At first, there was panic, then fear, then dread.

But after just a short while, people realized that few, if any original ideas had made it out of the proverbial crib in quite some time anyway.

As far as the eye could see, the strategy of ‘play-it-safe-ism’ had squeezed the opportunity for original ideas to grow and prosper to the tiniest shred of reality anyway.

“No great loss,” said the aggregate masses in a figurative sigh. “Having to think or process new ideas was a lot of work anyway.”