A stellar performance!

The zoo was open. The people rushed in. Where were they headed? They were all going toward the monkey exhibit, of course. Everyone who lived in Gleggin City loved the monkey exhibit.

A large gathering formed along the cage. The monkey looked at the people. Barbarians, he thought to himself. No matter, I will show them my trick.

The monkey ceased the formation of his crossed arms. He raised them skyward. Suddenly, his fingers jittered with delight. The crowds cheered. I love to see them pleased, pondered the monkey.

The audience winded down. Security guards pressured the people out of the zoo. They then approached the monkey.

“What should we do, Mr. Mayor?”

The monkey grinned. Nobody knew he was the one calling the shots in this city. And the zoo was the perfect front. Sure, it only had one cage, and it was open for exactly five minutes, but still!