He had the flu. So did his cousin, the Hamburglar.

Times have changed, that’s for sure.

I remember a time when the Sun came up in the morning, and set in the evening too.

There was this thing called the radio. You could listen to music or talk, and all for free.

And there were still Truffula trees too. Well, actually, I guess they were fictitious.

But there was that… Fiction, I mean. None of this boring ‘non-fiction all the kids are into these days.

Yeah, it’s true. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m completely off my rocker.

But that’s OK, back then, I was more sane, but much less interesting.

Yeah. Times have changed. I used to have a watch and be able to tell the time for one thing.

Yeah. Whoo boy.

Good times.

Back then, I mean.

Now, not so much.