Yellow. Color of... eggs, and, um mustard.

It has come to our attention that many of you have not yet tried new, delicious Flrrghh!

Now, the fact is, you have not lived until you’ve enjoyed the pure chewing satisfaction, and mouth watering flavor of new and improved Flrrghh.

This is not anything like Flrrgahh or Fllrgghh. No, not at all.

The delicate texture and taste-bud tantalizing aroma of new, fustigated Flrrghh is something everyone has to experience at least once.

Erm, what’s that?

Say what? What is Flrrghh made of?

People? Why no. Of course not!

Fulmigated recycled tire rubber?

No. No more than 15%, certainly.

Re-processed weed trimmings?

Well, yes, mainly. But, oh, the flavor! The texture! The aroma! The less-than-12% chance that it will kill you on the spot.

Try Flrrghh today!