Time to meat your maker!

We all know that winter is a dangerous time. You could slip on ice, or be cold, or slip on cold or be ice or something. But anyway, here are some of our patented safety tips!…

-Always bring a shovel! Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

-Instead of a car, drive a snowplow. (Note: Only one guy should do this)

-Bundle up! If you’re still not warm, set yourself on fire (Bring water to cool off afterwards!)

-When building a snowman, don’t place a hat on its head or it’ll come to life and wreak havoc. [1]

-Don’t eat the yellow snow! Also, there’s no reason to eat the white snow, either. By the way, doncha’ think that food is overrated?

-Take down your darn Christmas decorations anyway! Because, uh…it demoralize-ummm…it, erm….fine, keep your Christmas decorations up. Jerk.

We humble gentlemen at WCAD hope that you have a safe winter season!


[1] South Park