Actually, these are almost better than what's actually on Saturday mornings.

And so, the procession snaked solemnly down the shadowed streets of Morklinville.

“Gonna be a hangin’ today, Eustanche?” asked one of the town’s denizens.

Eustanche spat even more solemnly than the procession had snaked earlier.

“Mmm. Seems so.” he offered.

And so it was. The even further-into-solemnity group of town’s people made their way to the gallows in the center of town.

“But, I thought we wuz hangin’ laundry today,” exclaimed one bit player with a single line.

“And so we are,” responded Mrs. Pirkle, the Mayor’s wife.

And so they did, although it was kind of tough to hand the laundry on a gallows.

Good thing they had a lot of extra clothespins.