This is an odd mix of wild abandon and excessive introspection, isn't it?

What are clowns for, when no one’s laughing anymore?

The mimes are all taking, the stilt walking long-legged clowns are balking,

And even the fifty-clowns-in-a-tiny-car gang have given up driving and taken up walking.

What are clowns for, when the circus no longer comes to town,

And not a single one paints a smile or a frown, but instead insists on drawing a precisely straight lined mouth?

It’s a sad day, when the rodeo had to say, “ther’ll be no roping today, ’cause the rodeo clowns have all gone away.”

It’s hard to explain. But it happens to be true. The age of mirthful humor has started to subdue.

And the clowns, they just aren’t laughing, and there’s nothing we can do.

What are clowns for, when people feel that way?